Frequently Asked Questions

What type of businesses can register on Say Siyabonga?

Any small to medium-sized business, sole proprietor or freelancer is welcome to register with and sell either vouchers or products via the Say Siyabonga platform. Our mission is to help as many businesses as we can, and therefore there are no limitations on the types of businesses that can register or make use of the platform (provided that the products and services are legal).

Can a vendor apply even though they are currently open as they are deemed as essential services?

Absolutely, any vendor can apply. We hope that the Say Siyabonga platform can become a complementary sales channel to any small or medium-sized business that chooses to make use of it.

How do I register my business?

Step 1

Go to the Register Your Business page.

  • Complete the online registration form and ensure you have the following information on hand:
    • Company logo and individual store banner image.
    • A short description of how your discount voucher is going to benefit your customers.
    • A description of your business.
    • Links to your social media accounts and website.
    • Supporting documents such as:
      • Company registration certificate – Freelancers and Sole Proprietors, do not need to worry about this.
      • Photo or photocopy of ID document/driver’s license.
      • CIPC registration document (where applicable).
      • Proof of banking document.
      • Sample tax invoice.
    • UIF reference number (where applicable).
    • Income tax number.
    • VAT number (where applicable).

Select Register – once you have selected register, your documentation will go through an approval process, which can take up to 72 hours (we aim to do it within 12 hours, but sometimes things get a little crazy).

For more detailed information on the registration process, look at the Say Siyabonga Vendor Registration Guidelines document in which it is explained step-by-step.

If my business is not CIPC registered can I still register my business on Say Siyabonga?

Yes, you can register your business on Say Siyabonga. If you are a freelancer, or a sole proprietor you can also register on Say Siyabonga. In both cases, you will not need to upload a CIPC registration document, but please ensure that you complete all the required fields in the online registration form.

How long does it take once I have completed Step 1 before I hear from Say Siyabonga?

It can take up to 72 hours before you will receive an email from Say Siyabonga, although we aim to complete the registration process within 12 hours.

Once my application is approved what is the next step?

Step 2

Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to log in to the store manager. On your first login, the store manager will take you through a tutorial to help you set up your online store on the Say Siyabonga platform. While completing your store profile, please ensure that you enter your address on the Google-powered interactive map as it will allow our platform to mark your store’s location, which will also make it easier for customers to find your store when browsing the Say Siyabonga website.

For more detailed information on the registration process, have a look at the Say Siyabonga Vendor Registration Guidelines document in which we’ve broken it down, step-by-step.

How do I create vouchers (Step 3)?

Step 3

  1. Identify what products or services you would like to advertise.
  2. Decide what % discount you would like to offer on the vouchers. Please note the following:
    • The prices at which vouchers are sold in the Say Siyabonga store are inclusive of VAT and fees, thus you need to take this into account before setting your price.
    • The idea is to sell discount vouchers for your products or services that can be redeemed once you re-open. For example, you can decide to sell a R200 voucher that the customer is able to redeem for R240 worth of value (or whatever value you choose), provided that the customer spends a minimum of R400 (or whatever minimum works best for your margins). Since the customer has already paid R200, they will only need to pay R160 for their R400 or greater purchase upon redeeming the voucher.
    • The minimum value of the vouchers we can sell is R110.
  1. Complete the voucher template.
  2. Add your logo and product image in the blocks provided (no bigger than 1MB).
  3. Ensure you select a SKU name/title for each of your products.
  4. Submit for review.
  5. You will receive an email with the approval status of all the products loaded.

For more detailed information on both the registration process and a step-by-step guide on how to create vouchers, please make use of the Say Siyabonga Vendor Registration Guidelines.

What type of products or services can I offer vouchers for on Say Siyabonga?

Anything really, as long as it’s legal. We have set a policy against the sale of medical grade PPE, although we welcome handmade masks and similar products.

What marketing does Say Siyabonga do for my company once it is listed?

Say Siyabonga will make a welcome post on the Say Siyabonga social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Once my business is loaded onto Say Siyabonga when will I see the post about my business on your social media platforms?

Currently, Say Siyabonga is welcoming four new vendors on social media per day. We aim to post about every business that joins our platform, although it might take a little while before the post about your business makes it to our social media feed. We would strongly recommend that you share your store on Say Siyabonga on your own social media channels as well.  

For more detailed information on how to share your store on social media, look at the Say Siyabonga Social Media Guidelines document in which is explained step-by-step.

How long are vouchers valid for?

Three (3) years.

When does a vendor get paid-out once vouchers are bought?

Payments are made on Tuesdays. For example, if you submit your withdrawal on Friday, the payment will take place the following Tuesday. More details on this process can be found on the noticeboard in the store manager.

Does Say Siyabonga offer refunds?

Unfortunately not. Say Siyabonga is not engaged in the sale of any of the vouchers, goods or services purchased by you from a Say Siyabonga Merchant. Say Siyabonga does not have control of, or liability for, the vouchers, products or services purchased through our platform as Say Siyabonga is a multi-vendor marketplace and not the actual vendor. Each vendor sets their own refund policy and customers can either contact them directly or via the Say Siyabonga platform if they have any questions.

Does Say Siyabonga assist with additional marketing?

Say Siyabonga has a dedicated marketing team, which will send out a “welcome” message when the vendor is active on the platform.  The shout-out will take place on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and the vendor will be tagged in the post. Feel free to share the post on your own social media platforms. We are working hard to find better ways to spread the word about the businesses on our platform further and faster, although the real power lies with you. The more you share your own stores and the overall platform, the more impact we can have.

*Say Siyabonga was put together and is run by an amazing group of volunteers, especially those in the marketing team. Perhaps you could consider hiring one of our amazing team members to create individual marketing campaigns for your business? There would be nothing in it for us as Say Siyabonga, but we are sure that the members of our marketing team would be very grateful for the opportunity. For more details on who the members of our team are, please have a look at the Meet the Team page.

Does Say Siyabonga make money out of voucher sales?

Say Siyabonga charges a 5% transaction fee for all sales on the Say Siyabonga platform. On smaller transactions we only just break even, earning 0.03% on a transaction of R110. On larger transactions we make a little more, although our fee structure is designed to pay as much as possible to the vendors/merchants, while only making sure that we don’t lose money on each transaction. The reality is that Say Siyabonga will need to facilitate the sale of many, many millions of Rands worth of vouchers, products or services before Say Siyabonga makes any real money from this endeavour. Our goal is to help small businesses as much as we possibly can. If we can save just one job, or just one small business, then our efforts would have been worth it.

How do I know that a voucher has been bought by a customer?

The customer will receive an email with a PDF version of the voucher within a few minutes of purchase. You will also receive an email with the details of the vouchers sold as well as the customer’s details.

On your vendor profile you can go to the orders page where you will a find list of all the orders that have been placed at your store, together with the unique voucher numbers generated for each customer and their billing address and shipping address should products need to be shipped. You are also able to print this page, or download the information in PDF, Excel or CSV format to save on your system.

Does Say Siyabonga charge interest or up-front fees for the usage of the Say Siyabonga platform?

Say Siyabonga does not charge interest or up-front fees to users for making purchases with Say Siyabonga merchants via our platform. Say Siyabonga reserves the right to add interest and fees to future purchases should our business model change. We will notify users of all fees and interest if and when we decide to add interest and fees. This is a material change to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, therefore you will be notified accordingly and be afforded an opportunity to agree to these amended terms to the extent that may be necessary.

Can NGOs participate in this initiative?

A Local Charities page is available for NGOs to be added to.

We are an NGO and would like to be added to the Charities page. How do we go about it?

You can send your NGO papers to info@saysiyabonga.co.za with contact name and number. We will then give you a call.

If I have purchased a voucher from a vendor through Say Siyabonga and I go and redeem the voucher once the establishment is open, and find that they are closed, what then?

The more we support our favourite small businesses, the smaller the chance that this will happen. Nonetheless, risk is still there. It is possible and unfortunate that some of the businesses that we support now might not make it. In the event that a vendor goes out of business before you get the chance to redeem your vouchers, unfortunately Say Siyabonga is not able to offer a refund. Should that happen, at least you’ll know that you contributed to someone’s salary, you helped and had a real impact, during probably the most difficult time in recent memory.

*Say Siyabonga is not engaged in the sale of any of the vouchers related to the goods or services purchased by you from a Say Siyabonga merchant. Say Siyabonga does not have control of, or liability for, the vouchers, products or services purchased through our platform.

Can Say Siyabonga assist with monetary contributions to pay rent, municipal bills, etc?

Say Siyabonga is a Pay It Forward initiative. It is a platform where vendors can register their businesses, so that consumers can purchase vouchers now, and redeem once the business re-opens. This assists the business with the cashflow while not able to trade. Unfortunately, Say Siyabonga is not able to financially support small businesses.

What is the point of registering my business on Say Siyabonga?

Say Siyabonga can be seen as an extension of your marketing activities. With over 50k hits on the site over a period of a month, it allows the opportunity for consumers to view all products on the platform and see what type of business are available in South Africa. There is no cost for having a business and vouchers of products listed on Say Siyabonga. It is a free and easy way to create a new, complementary sales channel for your business.

If I want to invest in Say Siyabonga or contribute to the team, who can I contact?

Please contact us on info@saysiyabonga.co.za.

Where can I email queries should I need assistance?

You can email us on support@saysiyabonga.co.za.

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