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Our Mission

As the world bands together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, many local businesses have been forced to close their doors to encourage social distancing and enforce the lockdown. They’re doing their part to keep us all safe, but they’re taking a significant hit in the process. These businesses rely on regular customers to stay afloat.

Without daily traffic, many can’t afford to pay their staff or cover expenses. The harsh reality is that the Covid-19 pandemic could put many of our favourite locals out of business and their staff members out of jobs.

That’s where you come in!

We created this platform to help local businesses survive the lockdown, by allowing us to #PayItForward.

We buy vouchers for goods and services from our favourite local shops and service providers now, and then claim our purchases once we’re all back on the streets.

Let’s band together and support our local businesses in their time of need. Let’s #SaySiyabonga!

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How It


Purchase discount vouchers now to redeem once the state of emergency is lifted and life returns to normal. Supporting now will help provide your favourite small business with some much needed cash flow during these challenging times. Help enable them to pay the salaries their staff and make it to the other side of #SocialDistancing.


Register your business by creating a profile, submitting supporting documents and accepting our merchant agreement. Once approved, you will be able to create digital vouchers for your products or services with discounts of your choice. We sell these vouchers here to help you generate cash flow during this difficult time.


Want to know more about how it works? We've noticed that many of the supporters and businesses alike have some very important questions. Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for some of the most commonly asked questions. You will also find guides on how to register and how to create vouchers.

Say Siyabonga
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Registered, but can't to log in to the store manager?

We're here to help!

Have you already registered, but can’t log in to the store manager? You may have signed up as a customer by mistake.

Let us know here and we’ll list you as a vendor instead :-)

Need help loading vouchers?

We've made a fancy document to help you!