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Brainy Birds – A Brief History

Say Siyabonga Dee Hendrikx

Dee is the voice and pillar of Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue. Her involvement with the rescue and rehabilitation of parrots started at a very young age. This led her to starting the Brainy Bird Rescue that has grown to what it is today.

My passion, love and respect for parrots started from an early age. Having owned, rescued, recovered and rehabilitated companion birds most of my life. Assisting the various organizations, and being assisted by the other organizations to save and recover many parrots from eminent disaster or eminent doom. Brainy Birds has always gone far above and beyond to save parrots. (More than a 1000, yes One thousand birds have been saved and rehomed)

Through Brainy Birds Rescue, I have mentored and educated many people, pet shops, and anyone interested in parrots. At times without concern for my own health or safety.”

Sanctuary History

The rescue facility initially started at Dee’s home in Edenvale. After several years of saving, adopting and rescuing parrots, Brainy Birds NPO was registered in 2016. Brainy Birds is recognized by legal authorities as a legitimate parrot rescue and rehabilitation facility.

The Journey So Far

Brainy Birds is currently located on a rented property in Edenglen. The property is without electricity, there is a borehole and there’s two taps with access to municipal water.

In the beginning…

A shell of a house stands on the premises, which is unsafe for use, thereby leaving just the grounds for the sanctuary. But even with so many hurdles and restrictions, Brainy Birds has grown, and flourished.

Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 3
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 2
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 1

Signs of life…

Thanks to generous donations and sheer hard work, wooden structures have been built around the property to house the birds.

Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 6
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 4
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 5

And now!

Look at it. We even have a magical gnome garden to welcome all who have the privilege to enter the property and share the amazing atmosphere of the sanctuary. The gardens with endless perches and trees are a sight to see when the various birds are out.

We have a well-established garden which provides food for our birds and staff alike. We have fruit trees on the premises.

Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 7
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 8
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds house 9

Our Free Flight Aviary

This aviary is Dee’s pride and joy. It’s a large space that allows these beautiful birds to be birds. They have a safe space where they can move around freely. The aviary houses a wide array of birds, all happily coexisting.

Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds Aviary 1
Say Siyabonga Brainy Birds Aviary 2

With all these developments and additions, our sanctuary has grown into one of which we are tremendously proud.

Volunteers and staff alike, this is our happy place.

We rely on the love and dedication of a small team of full time staff. The rest of the time it’s the volunteers that sacrifice their time to come through and feed our flock. As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – this is so true serving these birds. Make no mistake, volunteering is hard work. Physically and emotionally, but you can make a difference by accepting that responsibility to making the cruel world these birds have been exposed to just a little bit better.

We are a Section 18A Non-Profit organisation. We simply cannot do what we do without the funds donated by some very generous souls. Whether you’re a large corporate or someone that shares our love for parrots, we appreciate everything we get.

When you give generously, you become a part of Brainy Birds rescue and Rehabilitation. Every bit helps in the effort to rescue and rehabilitate a parrot. For years Brainy Birds has made the effort to not just rescue and rehabilitate but also to educate the public. This can’t be done alone. Make a donation today to ensure we can continue all efforts to rescue and rehabilitate.

Regular monthly donations will empower Brainy Birds to do even more. By having that assurity of funds coming in, it allows us to plan and tackle longer term goals for the sanctuary.

Brainy Birds – Our daily struggle

1. To provide a secure home for our flock and ever growing number of surrenders and rescues

2. Providing food and a healthy diet

3. Veterinary care and bills

4. Medication and vitamins

5. Providing education to the public and schools

Our most current and dire need

The property that we are renting is up for sale. We have been offered right of first offer to purchase the property. After all the years of effort building the structures currently used to house our birds, we cannot simply move. The most logical and viable solution is to purchase the property. This will ensure we can continue our efforts as being the only legitimate parrot rescue facility in South Africa, and along with caring for the over 250 birds in our flock, we aim to educate people to avoid having more of these beautiful birds land up in rehabilitation facilities.

We are asking all companies, pet and parrot/bird lovers to help us see our Goals to fruition.

Immediate Goal

Property purchase and transfer of ownership: R 1,000 000.00 (One Million Rand)

Our Plea

We get it! Times are tough at the moment, and we find ourselves in very uncertain times. But if 100 people do one small thing each, and they in turn inspire another 100 to do the same, the resultant effect is staggering.

We only ask that you look deep down and see a way forward to assist our flock. Each and every donation made is a pebble or stepping stone to achieve our goals.

Please dig deep and donate with your heart <3

Kind regards

Dee Hendrickx – Founder Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Pledge support

Meet some of our grateful flock

Frieda takes a bath

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