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Oudtshoorn Dogs in Need (ODIN) is an animal welfare pro-life organisation that focuses on Outreach programmes for animals in need in the Karoo and Eden Districts.

The municipality collects the stray, unwanted and sick; they come into the pound and we assist.

We have, by default, also become a mini clinic – the community streams to us for assistance and, at the same time, due to our outreach programme and “No Warnings” policy, we receive tip-offs from animals being abused or in dire straits.

We help the community (deworming, supplying tick and flea prevention, etcetera), and send animals in need to our vet (the bill averaging R45,000 per month).

We do not euthanise animals unless for medical or aggression reasons. And we find homes all over South Africa. We RESCUE, MEDICATE, EDUCATE AND REHOME dogs, cats, farm animals.

Our dogs socialise. They are in runs (as challenged as the structures currently at the pound are) and people can walk in through the gate and mix freely with our animals. It’s a bit like organised chaos – rather like the proper “at home” feeling.

Our kennels are at the Municipal Pound in Oudtshoorn and Blanco, George (072 084 1374).

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