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Aqua Ozone Elite

R23,200.00 R17,999.00

The Aqua Ozone Elite package consists of the following:

  • Ozone Generator, with a life time warranty on the motor
  • Therapeutic, non-slip hydro mat
  • Pipe
  • Water-resistant wireless remote
  • Water Purification Pipe
  • Set of 5 aroma-therapy oils (Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary, Lavender, Evening Primrose & Eucalyptus)
  • Supportive neck pillow


To book a demo with one of our consultants for an obligation-free therapy & more info, please visit www.oxytron.co.za

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Our organisation has spent millions of Rands in perfecting the world patented AquaO3zone Elite. The machine is supplied complete with an ozone generator, applicator, hose, a non-slip rubberized hydro mat, a free therapeutic neck support cushion, a splash proof wireless remote control & a promotional first visit order.

  1. In your home, the AquaO3zone Elite is placed directly into your bath without any specialized plumbing or installation requirements. You can therefore immediately enjoy many hours of pleasure and relaxation in your own personal hydro spa.
  2. AquaO3zone Elite generates ozone in the same manner as nature does. In the same way that lightning converts oxygen to ozone, a stream of air is passed through the Corona Discharge Unit of the machine where ozone is generated via an electrical discharge. The ozone rich air exits the world patented hydro mat into the bath water via air jets.
  3. While you are lying on the hydro mat, the ozone rich air escaping from the jets on the mat comes in contact with your body, thus beginning the therapeutic process. The ozone enters the body in two ways: via the pores of the skin & through inhalation.
  4. The ozone entering our body boosts cellular oxygen levels thus allowing our biochemical systems to function more effectively when combating ailments & diseases.

As Lamberto Re, the president of the world ozone confederation quoted:

“We spend the first half of our life damaging our health and then we spend the second half trying to repair our health”

With aqua ozone, prevention is better than cure.


Very simply put, trees and plants produce oxygen (O2). The oxygen molecule is lighter than the surrounding air so it rises up into the atmosphere toward the sun. Once these oxygen molecules have reached between 20-30km into the atmosphere, the sun’s ultraviolet rays convert the oxygen into ozone (O3), a form of “super oxygen”.

Since the ozone molecule with its extra oxygen atom is now heavier than the surrounding air, it begins to descend toward earth again. On its journey down toward earth, the ozone molecules purify the air by destroying toxic elements and pollutants, also neutralizing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
Have you ever smelt that fresh smell after a thunderstorm?
That is how ozone is generated; by the lightning striking through the air during a thunderstorm splitting the oxygen molecule to form ozone molecules.
Did you know that ozone is nature’s most powerful disinfectant & purifier and it kills bacteria 3000 times faster than chlorine?

Why is our health deteriorating?
Many of the trees and plants we rely upon for oxygen for our health is being destroyed. Global warming, pollution from cars, more factories being built are also reasons that are affecting our health. Less oxygen is thus being converted into ozone, which is desperately needed to clean up all these pollutants. This means that we are breathing in far less healthier oxygen compared to that of 50 years ago. This of course explains why we are experiencing such poor health.
The ozone that comes down to earth and cleans up all the pollutants in the air that we breathe, is what our cells need to keep our bodies healthy.

Specification: Aqua Ozone Elite

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