Alright get ready! We’re going to need a whole lot of information and some company docs from you before you can get your vouchers up, so knuckle down and get it together.


Here’s how it’s going to work. 

Create your profile right here and now. Complete the application form below and provide us with supporting documents and details about your business. Once your business registration is approved,  you can create your very own online store that you can use to market the vouchers for your products and services to your customers.

We will handle the sale of the vouchers for you and pay the funds to you every week, less transaction fees and running costs which comes to 5% inclusive of VAT. We have worked hard to keep fees as low as possible so that we can pass as much money through to your business as we can. 

Now get to it!


Step One,

Register your business and submit supporting documents:

  1. Company logo and individual store banner image
  2. Company registration certificate – Freelancers and sole proprietors, don’t worry about this 
  3. A copy of your ID or driver’s license
  4. Proof of bank account (stamped bank letter or bank statement)
  5. A sample tax invoice
  6.  Income tax number and VAT number if registered

Step Two,

Set up your online store:

  1. Company logo and banner image
  2. Address and contact details
  3. A description of your business
  4. Your policies for returns and refunds
  5. A few ‘tags’ and keywords that best describe your business
  6. Links to your social media accounts and website

Step Three,

Create your vouchers:

  1. Decide on the products or services you would like to sell
  2. Provide a discount of your choice, because nobody understands your business needs better than you
  3. A short description of how your discount voucher is going to benefit your customers

Step Four,

Spread the word:

  1. Let your customers know that they can support you on our platform 
  2. Spoil your customers with some extra-special added love when they come to redeem their vouchers

Ok for real now,




First Name

Last Name

Store Name*[your_store]

Address 1*

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Store Phone*

Remember, if you are going to be selling the vouchers at a discount, Say Siyabonga has to cover transaction fees and running costs totalling 5%. So consider the impact on your margins once the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, before making your choice of discount rate on the website. Example: 15% discount to customer when they redeem + 5% transaction & admin fee = 20% reduction in profit margin on sale.*

The prices at which vouchers are sold in the Say Siyabonga store are inclusive of VAT and and Fees and thus you need to take this into account before setting your price.*

The idea is to sell discount vouchers for your products or services that can be redeemed once you re-open. For example, you can decide to sell a R200 voucher that the customer is able to redeem for R240 worth of value (or whatever value you choose), provided that the customer spends a minimum of R400 (or whatever minimum works best for your margins). Since the customer has already paid R200, they will only need to pay R160 for their R400 or greater purchase upon redeeming the voucher.*

ID number*

Photo or photocopy/scan of your ID document or Drivers License.*

Organisation type*

Company trading name

Registered company name

CIPC registration number

Nature of business

If other, please specify

Income tax number / VAT number

UIF reference number

Company registration documents

Proof of banking document*

Sample invoice

BEE level


Confirm Password*

* Agree  Terms & Conditions

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