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Refund Policy

6.It is material to the agreement that, in order for any professional services (as detailed in the Invoice), to be booked and confirmed, a securing non-refundable administrative booking of up to 50% of the agreed assignment 
fees as set out in the Invoice, be paid to and / or received by the Photographer /Videographer upon signature of the Invoice. No photos/video’s or data will be given to the Client until payment has been made in full. 
This amount will be payable upon completion of photo/video shoot and before any Data or photos/video can be delivered. No claim may be made by the Client against the administrative booking under any circumstances where the 
Client cancels the function, appointment, booking or interview. The only remedy available to the Client for the return of any administrative booking paid will be in circumstances where the Photographer / Videographer 
(or an appointed alternate service provider as decided upon by the Photographer /  Videographer in their sole discretion) is unable to provide the services contemplated for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances 
such as debilitating illness, injury and / or the actions of third parties which prevent the Photographer / Videographer (or an appointed alternate service provider as decided upon by the Photographer / Videographer in her 
sole discretion) from arriving to undertake the professional services agreed to herein. The Client understands that in the event that the Photographer / Videographer has appointed an alternative service provider to proceed 
with the booking, the service provider selected by the Photographer may not have the same rate or fee as the Photographer and an additional fee may be payable to the alternative service provider, failing which the Client has 
the option to forfeit the admin booking retainer and select their own service provider at their own and additional cost.

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

If the Client wishes to cancel the booking, the administrative booking retainer will not be refunded. The Client is encouraged to change the booking date to a more suitable date to both parties 
(subject to the Photographer’s / Videographers availability). 14 days cancellation is required from date of invoice in order to receive a full refund of the booking retainer, providing it has not conflicted with
any bookings (In which does not include any all bank charges inflicted upon the photographer / videographer or designated account given). Failure to change the booking date within the specified time will result 
in cancellation of the booking and loss of the administrative booking retainer and any other payments that have been made. No exceptions or special circumstances will be entertained.

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